Taking a home loan is a long process in itself which requires a lot of documents, if all these documents are gathered in advance then it is easy to apply for a home loan. Otherwise, due to the lack of any one document, the entire loan against property can be rejected or it can be unnecessarily delayed.

To avoid this, it is important that we should know which documents we would need. What are the documents required for loan.

Documents Checklist For Home Loan / Realty Loan / Top Up / LAP / PAL

 KYC documents for all applicants

  1. 4 passport size photo
  2. Aadhar card
  3. Pan card
  4. Latest electricity bill
  5. House/ flat allotment letter
  6. Bank account number
  7. Marriage certificate
  8. Rent agreement
  9. latest elctricity bill on the name of landlord
  10. Address proof from employer
  11. Cheques for search/ valuation & processing fee
  12. Seller kyc ( aadhar & pan )
  13. Income documents
  14. Latest three months salary slips
  15. Last two years form-16 or last two years Income Tax Return with Computation sheet
  16. Salary certificate from employer
  17. Salary account statement for last 6 months
  18. PPO (pension payment order)
  19. Serving certificate
  20. Gumasta /shop registration
  21. Rent Agreement of Shop
  22. Last three years ITR with computation, balance sheet, profit & loss statement
  23. One year current account statement
  24. Last one year loan account statements for all Existing loans
  25. Khasra, Khatoni & Panchsaala
  26. Rin pustika & mandi reciepts
  27. Partnership deed /agreement
  28. GST regristration
  29. Company registration
  30. Form 26 as last three years
  31. Registration number
  32. Appointment/ offer letter/ all contracts copy in case of contractual job
  33. Previous company relieving / Experience letter

Property documents

  1. Sale agreement
  2. All registry copy
  3. Chain registry for 30 yrs of builder
  4. Building permission with approved layout
  5. T&Cown and Country Planning (T&CP ) approval with layout
  6. Colonizers licence
  7. Colony development permission
  8. Nazul noc
  9. Colony prakoshth
  10. Possession letter/completion certificate
  11. Latest property tax reciept
  12. Lease deed for bda/ mp housing board
  13. Namantran from revenue deppt
  14. Hastantran in mp housing board/ bda
  15. Society registration
  16. Power of attorney if applicable
  17. Noc for sale / mortgage in mp housing societies
  18. Board/bda/societies
  19. Estimate for construction with disbursement schedule
  20. Partnership deed if applicable

For Takeover

  1. Home loan account statements
  2. List of documents (L.O.D.)
  3. Foreclosure letter
  4. Loan sanction letter


  1. Noc/ full account statement for any default loan , (if applicable)