Registration and Stamp Department

In Madhya Pradesh, the Registration and Stamp Department is authorized to register property. There are four regional Deputy Inspector General of Registration offices in the department,


In the year 2023, a total of 51 district registrar offices and 233 sub-registrar offices are functioning in the state. All the offices work under and under the control of the Inspector General of Registration, whose headquarters is at Bhopal.

“SAMPADA” scheme is a web-enabled computerized scheme for registration of all types of documents in Madhya Pradesh. For this, licenses have been issued by the government to service providers in every district. Banks, post offices and other financial institutions can also be granted service provider licence.

These service providers have been authorized to issue e-Stamps,

These service providers also provide facilities like downloading digitally signed copies of registered documents and online search of documents to common citizens.

Apart from this, any registered user can submit the documents online for registration. In this system the stamp duty will be collected through e-stamp.

Photographs of the parties in the documents are taken on the computer with web camera and fingerprints are taken with biometric equipment.

The electronic registration system (ERS) also provides facilities for valuation of immovable property located in the state, calculation of stamp duty and registration fee chargeable on various instruments and slot booking for registration in sub-registrar offices.

New Process of Registry

From August 01, 2015, a new method of registration of documents has been adopted in Madhya Pradesh. From 2015, registration of documents is done through electronic medium in Madhya Pradesh. This registration is done as per the provisions of the ‘Registration Act, 1908 (No. 16 of 1908)’.

Documents are registered in Madhya Pradesh, the registry is done only through the departmental electronic registration system named “Sampada”.

The following documents are mandatory for the registry:

Service Form

This form is uploaded on the website even before registration. This form contains the following information:

  1. Buyer details
  2. Seller details
  3. Details of immovable property as per document
  4. Draft of the instrument
  5. Execution page
  6. Two competent witnesses

Required Documents

documents related to the parties such as Voter ID Card (Voter Card) / Driving License / Bank Passbook / PAN Card / Aadhaar Card
notarized affidavit by executor
Real estate documents Images of the property taken from 3 different angles for plots and buildings
property map as per rules
Required documents for agricultural land
Computerized Khasra of 1 year attested by Revenue Officer
Land Rights Rin Booklet.

Registration Fees

Stamp duty and registration fee as per the format of the document

Service Provider

Citizens can prepare the documents for registration through the Licensed Service Provider and reserve the slot for registration as per the convenience of the user. The registration of documents is done at the Sub-Registrar’s office by completing the required document registration (thumb impression, photo and electronic signature etc.) at the appointed time.

Common people can also prepare the documents themselves through the online portal.

Procedure for preparing documents on the portal by common people is as follows –

  1. Visit the departmental portal of Madhya Pradesh for registration.
  2. Click on the Login button.
  3. After logging in, select the registration process.
  4. Select the instrument and fill necessary details like details of both the parties cars, complete details of the property, details of witnesses etc. and pay the prescribed stamp duty.
  5. After paying the stamp duty you need to upload the document execution page and pay the registration fee
  6. Now you have to book the slot for registration as per your convenience. In this, you have to choose the time as your convience, you should be present in the office of Sub-register at said time.
  7. Both the parties and two witnesses have to be present in the office of the Sub Registrar at the chosen slot. The remaining proceedings of document registration will be completed in the sub-registrar’s office. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes.


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