Secure your computer –

Use antivirus software, keep the updated.

Always use Authentic softwares. never use Pirated softwares.

Strong Passwords –

Keep changing your password with the time .

Use strong passwords with alphabet, numbers and special characters.

Avoide Public computers –

Never use public computers for net banking –

Use ‘incognito mode’ –

If needed, use ‘incognito or pritvate windoe mode’ while using others computer or networks.

Visit and transect on safe websites only –

Browse safe websites only.

check “https://” in website URL.

Avoide  imposter website.

Verified apps or websites for online banking –

Use only verified apps or websites for online banking.

Dont use ‘Cracked’ or rooted apps.

Never install apps from suspicious links or stores.

Make sure to use only secure internet connection –

Use vpns to secure your connections.

Dont be greedy –

Do not fall prey to phishing.

 Never go for free lottery, cash back, prizes, or other incentives.

Be extremely careful while using your debit/credit card

Never give your credit/debit card information to any person.