What is Deceptive Advertising?

A deceptive advertisement is one that makes false or misleading claims, or hides important information, in order to persuade consumers to buy a product or service. Deceptive advertising can be found in various forms of media, including television, radio, print and online.

Advertisement and publicity made through television, radio or any other electronic medium, newspapers, banners, posters, handbills, wall writings, etc. and which misrepresents the nature, characteristics, qualities or geographical origin of any goods, services or commercial activity Information intended to mislead consumers is defined as misleading advertising.

What should I do as a consumer if I see such advertisements?

You may file a complaint with the copy/video/audio of such advertisement through the web portal http://gama.gov.in of the Government of India, to bring such advertisement to the notice of the Government.

How can I register my complaint?

Step 1: One time registration is required to register the complaint. For registration, go to http://gama.gov.in and register yourself by clicking on the log-in link, verify your e-mail/mobile number and enter your User ID. and create a password.

Step 2: User Id Log-in to the portal using the User ID and Password and enter the required details while attaching necessary audio/video/paper clip/photograph (if any).

What kind of action can be taken on the complaint?

Your complaint will be forwarded to the concerned authority for action against the misleading advertisement.

Who is the authority?

Government Department/Self-Regulatory Authority/Ombudsman – Authority.

How can I know the status of my complaint?

Your User ID And by logging in through the password, you can get information about the status of your complaint.